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Landscape Committee Meeting

  • 2000 Westmoreland Street Falls Church, VA, 22043 United States (map)
  1. Call to Order 7:30
  2. Administrative 7:30
    1. Budget spent/obligated as of 9/30/2017 - ~$19,800 out of $26,000 budget.
    2. Large fallen tree in wooded area below Gervais, removed by NOVA Tree on 9/14.
    3. Work on the Kirby Hillside mulch/liriope bed completed Saturday, 9/16.  
    4. November LC Meeting – 11/08/2017 at 6870 MPC (Frost residence).  Board and residents to be Invited.  Miley Frost to arrange outside landscape expert as speaker.
  3. Old Business 7:45
    1. Annual EE aeration & reseeding scheduled week of 10/9 weather permitting.
    2. LC walk-around on 9/9 identified hillside area opposite 2007 Gervais as site for tree ring mulch bed expansion and planting (liriope).  Two proposals:  Mill Creek - $841.02;  EE - $1,376.  Copies available at meeting.
    3. LC walk-around on 9/9 looked at 3 possible sites for drainage and erosion remediation project candidates for VCAP funding (75% of cost, up to $3,500) and execution in 2018.  Rankings and status:
      1. Rill/mini-gully, Kirby hillside between 6810 – 6812 MPC.  Mill Creek proposal:   fill with compost and mulch, link existing tree ring mulch beds, & plant six species (71 plants) - $1,648.88.  Need VCAP approval of species.
      2. Hillside rear of 6873 – 6877 MPC – three level terrace, 3 biofiber logs, backfill & plantings.  No proposals solicited at this point.
      3. Kirby hillside, rear of 6800 – 6802 MPC, mulch & plant native species.  No proposals solicited.
    4. Two of four potential planting sites/projects, still pending:
      1. Rear of front entrance brick wall, west side – need to select suitable species.  Bernie has identified two or three candidates species.  Info to be provided at meeting.
      2. Dead patch of turf in hell strip – front of 2080 – 2082 Gillen.  Awaiting annual aeration and reseeding by EE.
  4. New Business 8:15
    1. Burke’s Spring Branch – MPHOA not on FXCO calendar for at least five years.  - --  Met, 8/10 with ATCS.  3-phase proposal ~ $25,000, no construction.
      1. Met 8/23 with Drainage & Erosion Solutions, rip rap proposal, $7,900.
      2. Met 9/11 with Kathy Hoverman of KCI Technologies can recommend contractor to do biologs, but does recommend for shady area – bushes/trees for stream bank anchoring are unlikely to thrive.  Need to follow-up with her for recommendations.
      3. Angler Environmental – not interested, current backlog too big.  No reply to follow-up e-mail advising that project would be in 2018.
      4. ADTEK – will not bid, not a good match to their expertise.
      5. Waiting for response/meeting with Stantek – key POC out of town until 8/28.  One reply to multiple e-mails and phone calls since his return – “I’ve been busy”.
      6. Will meet with Frank Graziano of Wetlands Solutions on 10/10 at 4:00 PM.  Please join if available.
    2. Late fall tree work list underway:  rear of 2051 – 2063 VTP 6-7 cedars (prune or remove?) and two large mulberry - prune one, remove second?;  “hangers” in several black locust due to storm damage;  fallen locust in woods by Gervais Circle; other TBD.
    3. New/additional members for LC?  Any candidates/suggestions?  One candidate approached – no reply.  Bernie has suggested preparing a promo sheet for LC projects completed in 2016 – 2017 and delivering to each address, with pitch to get involved.
    4. Other Issues?
  5. Adjourn 9:00
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