Property Manager: National Realty Partners, 703-435-3800. Mailing address: McLean Province Homeowners' Association
C/O National Realty Partners, Herndon Parkway, Suite 106, Herndon, VA 20170

Our community manager is Justin Field. 
He can be reached at

Trash Pickup and Recycling: McLean Trash, 703-442-7387
Trash is picked up Mondays and Thursdays
Recycling is picked up Thursdays

Trash and recycling materials may be set out near the curb after 6:00pm the night before the collection. Collection may occur as early as 7:00 am on collection days. Containers should be retrieved and placed back in your storage areas by the end of the collection day.

While awaiting collection, trash and recycling containers should be secured to prevent them from being being raided by birds and other animals and from being scattered by strong winds. Containers with attached lids, rather than bags, are recommended. (Homeowners are responsible for picking up their scattered garbage.)

Please note. Trash and recycling are not picked up on New Years, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. Trash or recycling will be picked up on the next regularly scheduled service day.

Optional: Call to arrange pick up of large items for a small fee.

Electricity: Dominion Energy, 1-888-667-3000

It is important to note that when you lose power you should call Dominion Energy's automated system to report the outage as soon as possible. You may also call their general customer service number at 1 (866) 366-4357.  Please don’t assume that a neighbor has called.  If you have a laptop or smart phone with Internet access, you can also report an outage at

Dominion Energy uses caller ID to identify your account and street location.  Having several people call to report an outage will let Dominion Energy know that more than one house has been affected and it may also help them get a better idea of which power circuits may have been affected.  At the end of the trouble reporting message there is a prompt to provide additional information; e.g. to report having heard an explosion.  Providing this information up front helps Dominion Energy to diagnosis the problem.  All of which may help expedite getting the service turned back on.

Note: calling our property manager while useful, is not the most effective way to get the power restored.  While our property manager may be able to report the outage, their caller ID is not linked to any of our accounts or locations and reporting things manually will delay Dominion Energy's ability to respond.

Gas: Washington Gas, 1-800-752-7520

Fire: Call 911 for emergencies. 703-691-2131 for general Fairfax County fire issues. also has community outreach information.

Water: Fairfax Water, 703-698-5800 billing; 703-323-1211 Trouble Response Center

Street Lights: Dominion Energy, 1-888-667-3000
Call to report an outage, blinking or a damaged pole. There is a number on the pole that uniquely identifies it.  Note the ID number before calling for service.

Fairfax County Hazardous Waste: 703-324-5068
4618 West Ox Road, just off Route 66. It is open Saturday, 8am to 4pm and Sunday, 9am to 4pm.

Non-Emergency Police: 703-324-7329

Landscaping and Snow Contractor: Environmental Enhancement, Inc. 703-421-7400. If there are issues or concerns about their performance, do not raise them with individual maintenance personnel; contact our property manager who is responsible for managing the contractor.

Optionally, Environmental Enhancements also offers individual homeowners some landscaping and yard maintenance services for a fee.

Tree Service Contractor: Northern Virginia Tree Experts, Inc. 703-263-3199

Optionally, Northern Virginia Tree also offers homeowners tree services on an individual basis and cost.