Message from the President: 2017 Annual Meeting

MPHOA Owners and Residents,

The Board of Directors is pleased to send you the first MPHOA Newsletter of 2018.  We intend to publish four Newsletters this year, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  We want to focus each edition on the special concerns and considerations within the community during those four seasons.  In addition, each edition will include the basic information that does not change from season to season and that serves as a key source of information and reference about the community and its management.

The most recent opportunity that we had to address comments and concerns of residents was at our 2017 annual HOA meeting on November 15th.  At that meeting two incumbents (Brian Hult & Steve Smith) and one new member (Howard Frost) were elected to the Board.  The Board enters 2018 with seven members, a decrease from nine members serving for the past few years.  This decrease is not due to any conscious plan on the part of the Board, but simply reflects the fact that with three retirements from the Board in 2017 and only one new candidate, the size of the Board has shrunk.  A full listing of the current Board is included on the last page of this newsletter.

At the subsequent December monthly Board meeting, new officers were elected:  President – Walter Zenner;  Vice President - Oliver Richard; and, Treasurer – Brian Hult.  Brian was also elected Secretary.  Steve Smith was reappointed Landscape Committee Chair, Steve Bay was reappointed Architectural Review Committee Chair, and Brian Hult agreed to continue as Communications Committee Chair.

All owners and residents are invited, and always welcome, at Board meetings which are held the third Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM at Longfellow Middle School.  At every meeting the board sets aside time at the beginning of the meeting for a Homeowners’ Open Forum, reviews and approves the Meeting Minutes from the previous meeting, reviews reports from the Treasurer and the various committees, and covers an ever-varying range of Old Business and New Business Items.  Attending a meeting is a great way to learn more about how our community operates.  We encourage you to attend a Board meeting.  Look for each new monthly meeting Agenda sent to your e-mail address by NRP early in the week for each of the monthly meetings.