Communications Committee Report

The Communications Committee is pleased to provide the 2018 Winter edition of the MPHOA Newsletter, the first of our four planned newsletters for 2018.  MPHOA has three primary means of communicating with owners and residents:  the MPHOA web site, our periodic newsletters, and e-mail “blasts” from NRP to all owners and residents for single-focus, time-sensitive issues and news items.

As a step to improve community communications, early in 2017 we began to upgrade/replace the MPHOA web site with an improved appearance, more content and features, and improved timeliness and usefulness to owners and residents.  The new web site is:

Please take some time to access the new web site, explore the content and features, and provide us with your feedback and suggestions on other enhancements that you would find useful.

A fourth method for communication has been in place for several years, but is relatively unknown.  The method is via “Google Groups” – essentially an informal community electronic bulletin board and is not an “official” means for the Board to communicate MPHOA news and is not endorsed by, nor used by, the Board to communicate with the community.  Instead, you may find it useful in posting items for sale, requesting suggestions for contractors or pet sitters, etc.  Click on the link below and it will take you to Google Groups.  On your first visit, you will need to request/create an account.  Alternatively, contact the site moderator, Howard Frost at for assistance.!forum/mclean-province 

Our Newsletter is distributed electronically to all owners and residents whose e-mail address is on file with our Property Manager, Mary Lockhart of National Realty Partners (NRP).  Should your e-mail address change, please provide the new e-mail address to Mary at .  If you know of neighbors who currently do not receive electronic correspondence from NRP, please refer them to NRP to have their contact information added to our master e-mail list.

Keep your eyes open for a feature article about McLean Province HOA later this month in the Washington Post’s “Where We Live” feature in the weekly Real Estate section usually included in the Saturday edition.  We were visited earlier this month by a freelance writer who spent time with a few members of the Board and who walked the community area with those Board members to get a first-hand view of the community to go with the drier facts and figures that the Board members provided.