Status:  Fairfax County Water Main Upgrade in MPHOA

As we reported in our Summer 2017 Newsletter, on January 20, 2016 Fairfax Water sent a letter to all MPHOA property owners as well as to residents of several other nearby communities announcing county plans to upgrade the water system in our neighborhood and in those other communities – around 18-20 locations in all.  The plans and corresponding surveys were completed later in 2016 and the resulting surveys and plans had called for the actual construction work to begin in the late summer of 2017.
As of late fall 2017, the necessary permits from VDOT (required when digging up sections of public highways) had been obtained and the necessary soil sampling had been completed and work began on the Gervais Circle portion of the project.  That work was completed in late November 2017.  However, cold weather precludes this type of work and the planned upgrades at the north end of Van Tuyl Place were delayed from 2017 until this spring.

However, we contacted Fairfax Water in the latter half of April for an update on the plans and schedule for Van Tuyl Place.  Apparently an unexpected large project elsewhere in the county has diverted resources to that site.  We were advised that current plans for Van Tuyl Place are now for the work to be undertaken this summer.  As soon as specific plans and dates are announced we will have NRP send an e-mail notice to all MPHOA owners and residents.