Greetings from the Board President

MPHOA Owners and Residents,

The Board of Directors is pleased to send you the MPHOA Newsletter for Spring 2018. As in the last issue, we focus here on a number of current projects and plans of special significance for the community, along with providing basic information about our community and how it’s managed.

Among other things in this issue, we cover the current status of the Board’s ongoing efforts to address erosion in Burke’s Spring Branch.  We also describe the Board’s recent decision to transfer the Association’s legal work to a new law firm and begin the process of updating the community’s governing documents.  And we have reports from our Treasurer and the various Chairs of our standing committees, followed by a few reminders of some of the community’s rules and regulations.

As always, all owners and residents are invited to attend and observe the Board’s meetings, which are held the third Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM at Longfellow Middle School (per the calendar below on page 8). Usually near the beginning of every meeting, the Board holds an “open forum” to hear directly from homeowners before proceeding to conduct the scheduled business of managing the Association.  The Board’s meeting agenda typically includes reviewing and approving minutes from the previous meeting, receiving monthly reports from our officers (such as the Treasurer and the Chairs of our various committees), and addressing an ever-varying range of old and new business items. Attending a meeting is a great way to learn more about how our community operates. Look in your email inbox early in the week of each month’s meeting for the agenda.