Reminders for Winter

Our snow removal contract with Environmental Enhancements (EE) covers the period from November 1 to April 30.  The main services include pre-treatment with chloride granules and/or sand when significant snow or ice is expected, plowing and sand/salt treatment when snowfall exceeds 3”, hand treatment (shovel or snow  blower) of the sidewalk on the west side of the entrance down to the school bus pick-up site at Kirby.

Note that other sidewalks are not covered by the HOA contract.  Likewise, the asphalt walking paths and the sidewalks along Kirby Road and Great Falls Street are not covered by the contract.

The mailbox pedestal squares and fire hydrants are covered, although near-by residents often volunteer to keep these areas clear, as they often do with most storm water drains.  In the case of the latter, two drains are covered by the contract and will be hand-cleared, as those two are particularly problematic due to their location or to the fact that snow and melt water tend to accumulate heavily in those areas due to our topography and the constraints on where the plowed snow can be piled.

Owners and residents are asked to keep the sidewalks in front of their homes cleared.  EE offers a service to homeowners to clear snow from sidewalks and driveways.  If you want to contract for these services, contact EE directly at 703-421-7400.

When weather forecasts predict snow and plowing is anticipated, NRP typically sends an e-mail asking all residents to park in their garage, on their driveway, or in the “overflow” parking bays.  This allows EE to plow “curb-to-curb” without having their path blocked by cars parked curbside.  Please help us keep the streets open when plowing is anticipated, even if you don’t get an e-mail asking you to do so.

If the front entrance hill seems too daunting because of snow or ice, consider leaving or returning via Gervais and the rear entrance through McLean Greens out to Great Falls Street.

If you have questions or issues after MPHOA streets have been plowed and treated for ice or snow, please contact Mary Lockhart at National Realty Partners – do not contact EE directly.