No Dumping in Common Area

Good Evening!

During a common area walk-around survey this week, members of the Board and the Landscape Committee discovered what appears to be an instance of “dumping” in the common area as described below and prohibited by MPHOA governing documents.

Specifically, in the wooded area behind 6881 – 6883 MPC, a large plastic bucket, partially filled with dead and rotting fish was discovered.  Nearby was a one-gallon plastic jug with a cut-out opening.   The plastic jug contained an unknown substance, equally foul-smelling as the dead fish in the bucket.  Both were attracting a large number of flies.  So far, rats have not discovered it.  Also nearby was a plastic bag, left unopened and unexamined.  In the immediate vicinity was evidence of digging – possibly burying some of the highly pungent material that was in the two containers.  All of the above is a violation of MPHOA governing documents.  On May 15tha member of the Board placed signs on the gallon jug and the bucket, reading “PLEASE REMOVE”.  As of this date, the offending material has not been removed

The Board of Directors is requesting that the owner of this health hazard remove it immediately and dispose of it properly via our trash pick-up service with McLean Trash.  If the debris remains in the woods as of Sunday evening, the Board will remove it and have it disposed of with the Monday trash pickup.

Thank you.