Treasurer's Report

The first quarter of the year has been an easy one for our operational budget.  All expenses so far have been essentially in line with our budget projections.   Even our snow removal expenses have been reasonable.  We spent roughly $2,000 to cover the snowfalls in January and March, out of our annual snow removal budget of $13,000.  So, we are well set to cover any snowfalls next November or December.

We also allocated more than $3,000 from our capital reserve fund during the first quarter for new trees to be planted as enhancements in two areas within the community:  an open area between McLean Province Circle and the adjoining community of McLean Greens, and along the open area of the property line between Van Tuyl Place and the neighboring community of Brooks Square.  Our capital reserve fund stands at somewhat more than $135,000 at the end of March 2017.