Architectural Review Committee Report

Spring and summer are an active property resale time.  Typically, about 8 or 9 properties are sold each year.  So far this year three properties have gone through the resale process and certification by the homeowners' association (a legal requirement) as to whether or not the property is compliant with the community’s architectural requirements.

Based on these resale inspections and comparisons throughout the community some common compliance issues have been noted:

  • Special attention needs to be paid to the siding at the roofline on the side walls.  Rotting, warped, and damaged siding all affect the exterior structure of the townhouse and must be noted to prospective buyers.
  • A large number of residents have replaced their garage doors without submitting the external change request needed to document that the door meets the community material and design standards.  Residents who have replaced their garage doors are encouraged to check their property files to confirm their approval for the garage door or to submit an external change request noting the manufacturer, model number, color, and design. Documenting the change now will help expedite any future resale certification and avoid last minute notification of any possible non-compliance.  Get a copy of the exterior change request at:
  • The winter weather has also taken a toll on a number of driveways.  Cracks over 1/4 inch or missing chunks of driveway need to be repaired or replaced +to be certified as compliant.

Other than resale evaluations, the ARC and the Board continue to draft an update to our Architectural Guidelines document.  The goal is to present a proposed update to the community¹s standards for everyone¹s input and review later this summer.