Spring Water Main Flushing March 20th through April 17th 2017

The MPHOA Board has been advised by Fairfax Water that our general area is scheduled for the Spring Water Main Flushing process sometime during the period of March 20th through April 17th.  Essentially, “our area” means the area that used to be served by the Falls Church Water Department.  A specific date for MPHOA has not yet been announced.
You should have received a “Straight From The Tap” mail announcement from Fairfax Water sometime within the past week.  That announcement noted that “This program (Water Main Flushing) will not affect your water service but you may notice some slight changes in your water.  It might taste or smell more like chlorine.  Don’t worry, though.  This water is safe to drink.  To reduce the smell or taste of chlorine, keep a pitcher or other open container of drinking water in your refrigerator.  This will allow the chlorine to dissipate.  Be sure to change this water weekly”.
The mail announcement also cautioned residents to test water being added to an aquarium to make sure that it does not contain chlorine, while it did not say how to test the water, letting it sit for a day or two to allow the chlorine to dissipate is probably a good idea.
If you have any allergies related to chlorine or have other questions, a spokeswoman for the county suggested calling them at 703-698-5800 to get more information.