Tree Pruning Opportunity by Northern VA Tree Experts

John Holtzapfel of Northern Virginia Tree Experts will be on-site at MPHOA on Wednesday, February 22nd from approximately 1:00 – 3:00 PM.  Northern Virginia Tree is the company that the MPHOA uses for tree work in the common area.  They have also undertaken tree work for a number of individual owners.
I already have a short list of residents who would like to use Northern Virginia Tree Experts for some pruning work this winter.  We would like to schedule all desired work, both for individual owners and for the common area, for the same date, the most efficient way for the work crew to be on-site.
If you would like to have John look at your trees and make recommendations, please call me at 703-405-8292 or e-mail me at: if you will be home and want to meet directly with John.
If you will not be home but would like John to look at your trees and make a recommendation, or if you already know the services that you would like, please call him directly at 571-217-0259 and provide him with the necessary details.
Steve Smith, Board Member
Landscape Committee Chairman