The preservation and enhancement of property values is a prime objective of the Board of Directors of the McLean Province Homeowners Association. This objective is achieved foremost by timely, self-initiated and tasteful property maintenance by homeowners. The objective is also achieved by the Board’s timely, fair and judicious oversight of all architectural changes.

The Board of Directors wishes to encourage all owners voluntarily to maintain their property in excellent condition. Maintenance is of course a private responsibility in the first instance. Fulfilling this responsibility helps the entire community. The expectation within McLean Province is that all homeowners will use good taste and common sense when maintaining and improving their homes.

Prior written approval from the Board’s Architecture Review Committee (ARC) is required in many cases when you plan exterior changes to your property. See the documents below for specific guidance on when approval is required. Plan well ahead for written approval from the ARC.

Architecture Guidelines

Request for Exterior Change: This is the form that must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee prior to any change that requires advance approval.

Duron "Curb Appeal" and McCormick "Colonial Exterior" color palette referred to in the guidelines. Please note that the colors as reproduced in this chart are not accurate; in particular, the various white and tan shades in the first two rows are highly innaccurate. The actual color chart was distributed with the guidelines, and is also available at any Duron store.

McCormick Colonial Exterior Colors.png