What happens when prior written approval is not requested and provided by the ARC?

Failure to obtain written approval for external changes to properties in McLean Province could result in legally enforced removal of renovations, restoration to the original status and/or fines. The ARC or the Board will respond promptly to written requests. If either the Board of the ARC should not respond for some reason within 60 days as provided in the Consolidated Covenants, you can presume approval has been granted and demand a signed approval for your records.

What happens when I want to refinance my house and the finance company or bank requests Board-signed documents granting approval for renovations or improvements I have already done?

Often, when property is refinanced finance companies will require a signed document ensuring that existing external modifications, such as decks or front yard designer landscaping, have been approved by the association’s ARC or Board. Each homeowner is asked to keep these approvals in his or her files. In emergency the Board will search its files to assist you. However, if you have not previously asked for approval for work already done, please do not request that the Board or the ARC provide you with a retroactive approval.

What are useful watchwords to keep in mind when I want to do some maintenance on my house? 

Be safe, be creative, be courteous, and use good “taste”. The Board asks that you employ sound judgment, sensitivity toward your neighbors and foresight in undertaking maintenance projects and in planning your architecture changes. At the same time the Board wishes to encourage all owners to be both creative and innovative in improvements. There are wealth of good ideas that spring from individual initiative and we wish to foster this creativity. As a courtesy to the members of the Board and to the ARC, please submit your written requests for architectural changes in a timely manner. While the Committee is a benevolent body and will in principle look favorably on all requests, please do not expect members to jump to your demands the following day just because you may have discovered an attractively priced contractor to start work on a pet project you have been mulling over for months.

Requests for any external change to existing guidelines must be received in writing, using the attached form, to which you can attach drawings, designs and descriptions. Send your requests to Mary Lockhart National Realty Partners, 365 Herndon Parkway, Suite 106, Herndon, VA 20170 or via email mlockhart@nrpartnersllc.com . The Board and/or the Architecture Review Committee will respond promptly, also in writing. You should not begin work on proposed changes until you have received approval from the ARC.

How do I submit a request to the Architecture Review Committee?

The Board maintains an architecture file on each home in McLean Province. This file contains records on past maintenance surveys and requests for architectural changes, if any. A fair and accurate review of any proposed architectural change submitted by phone or e-mail is not possible because of Board membership changes each year, thus you may land with a Board member who is not familiar with what you are talking about. Also, accurate record keeping is not possible with the informality of e-mail and phone calls. The Board asks for your consideration in not requesting variations or exceptions to established guidelines by e-mail or by phone. As expeditious as is may appear and as inviting as it may be, it is not fair for individual homeowners to impose on the private time of Board members with requests for “rush job” approvals. Please do not invite Board members to politely remind you to submit your request.in writing and according to procedures designed to help you and the community.

Why can’t I submit a requested change by e-mail or by a quick and convenient phone call? 

Good fortune has befallen you! Provided you follow the established and approved maintenance instructions as presented in these guidelines regarding exterior architecture and property features, you as a homeowner do not need to have prior written approval from the Board or the Architecture Review Committee.

What if my regular maintenance does not involve any external change?