Fellow Homeowners:

Over the last several years, the Board has been cognizant of the need to update the community’s Architectural guidelines to reflect changes in legal requirements, technology improvements, and changes in products and product suppliers.  The Architectural guidelines are the rules and regulations that we have all legally agreed to abide by in order to maintain the overall appearance of the community and related property values.  The Architectural guidelines were last updated in 2009 and there have been some significant changes in the last 8 years.   As a result, the Board is undertaking an update to our Architectural guidelines.

A draft of the proposed updated guidelines is available on the community website here.

The Board would like to have as much feedback and additional suggestions as possible over the next two months to aid in a final decision by the Board.

Initial feedback will be reviewed and discussed at the Board’s regularly scheduled meeting on 15 June.   Depending upon feedback, additional dedicated meetings of either the Board or the Architectural Review Committee will be held to address specific topics; e.g. staining of backyard fences.    Overall feedback review and discussion of dedicated meeting results will be held at the Board’s regularly scheduled meeting on 20 July.

Based on this community feedback and information, the Board will draft a final version of the Architectural guidelines update.   This final update will be posted to the community website in advance of the Board’s 17 August meeting.  A public discussion and final vote by the Board on the new updated guidelines will be scheduled for the 17 August 2017 Board meeting.

Please provide your input via email or written correspondence to the Board in care of our property manager National Realty partners. MLockhart@NRPartnersLLC.com.

If you are unable to access the website version, which contains photographic exemplars, let us know and we will send you a text only version via email.

Please see the community website for full details of the proposed Architectural update but highlights include:

  • Reorganization of the document to identify core requirements in the primary document with specific detailed options for colors, materials, trees, and required forms posted in appendices.
  • Additional colors for siding and related exterior features. (Hardieplank colors have been added)
  • Additional manufacturer options for paint colors. (Benjamin Moore)
  • Mandatory external change requests for doors, garage doors, patios, siding, window, etc. have been expanded to include roofs and overall house colors.  (These are needed to meet Covenant and legal compliance requirements at the time of a resale of the property.)
  • Additional roof color option (charcoal) and shingle quality selection.  (Some previous options are no longer available.)
  • Inclusion of guidance for Solar Panels and updated Satellite dish guidance, reflecting legal changes.
  • Clarification of enforcement procedures, to include communication of results of inspections, notification of non-compliance, and violation issuances.

As an example of specific solicited input, the current guidelines prohibit homeowners from staining the outside of their backyard fences.  Would you want to allow homeowners to stain their back fences?

If yes, should everyone be allowed to choose their own color for staining the fence or should the community determine the color to be used?  (Recommendations for a stain color?).

If staining is to be allowed, should a conversion period by which everyone should stain their fences be specified?

If we can arrange for a contractor to stain everyone’s fences (at a discount rate) would you support a special assessment to cover the cost of the initial staining community wide?

(Once stained, fences would need to be re-stained periodically at individual homeowner’s cost.)

A number of fences need repair/replacement of component parts.  Do you want to mandate a "repair by date” before the staining occurs?

Should a prospective contractor repair the fences and then stain them?  (Probably at additional cost.)  Should these repair cost be submitted to the individual homeowners, over and above the staining cost?

In any event, please do review the proposed architectural guideline changes and provide your input.  The Board would like to make its decisions based on an indication of a majority of homeowner support for any changes.

The MPHOA Board